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Up and Down Kind of Day
Thursday, October 10, 2013 @1:56 PM

My package from Ebay STILL has not come in. I e-mailed the seller and all she could tell me was to wait a few more days since it takes 4-6 weeks. It's already been 5 weeks so maybe another week? Freaking hell. It's never taken this long to get anything sent from Hong Kong before. Argh.

Went on a splurge at Staples today to buy office supplies for my office to finally get myself organized a little bit more. It was a fun experience holding the company credit card and just going ahead and buying what I need. Anyways, I got everything that I could remember I needed and organized my office. I feel much better now about it because it looks like there is less paper everywhere I can actually find a home for almost everything.

What I especially like about my new office stuff? My new corkboard/whiteboard I have there in the corner. I can finally keep notes where I can clearly see them and not have to lose anything in post-it notes all over my desk. I was thinking of just getting a weekly agenda but I would rather have the whiteboard and have everything planned out there because it's in my face and I can see it right away. I really like those folder holders I have on my desk too because I can actually have all the most important stuff right there within an arm's reach and they are all tucked in the right spots and not a huge pile of mess on my desk. I'm feeling quite happy about my office right now. What I really need to do next though is just get rid of these ugly paintings I have in here right now and replace them with something nicer. I was thinking of printing out one of my photography pieces and one of my best art/drawing pieces and frame them on the wall so that it feels more comfortable and presentable. Another tiny little thing I want for myself in the office? My own specialized coffee mug LOL. It's so cliche because everyone has their own coffee mug but I want one too just because it's my way of feeling like meshing with my work hahahahah. So I'm part of the cliche ... whatever!!

It has been a weird day though.

Firstly, good news was that I was able to go to Staples and splurge on whatever I wanted for my office.

Secondly, I just a text today from my sister-in-law that the store I bought my wedding dress from has burned down. It happened last night. Now I'm lucky because I actually have my wedding dress at my parent's house and GOOD THING I never decided for the store to hold it for me. But ... I don't know what to do about my alterations because I already pre-paid for it when my mom and I bought the dress. Either they refund me that amount or send me somewhere else and I get it done for free since I already paid for it. I don't know what's going to happen there. But I feel really bad for all the brides/bridesmaids/other women out there who have held their dresses in the store. They're all gone now. They would have to get another dress. I know I would be soooooooooooo upset if mine was gone because I am IN LOVE with my dress and I would never be able to find another dress that even compares to it.

Thirdly, I had a conference call with one of our clients here at work and they were very impressed with the report I did for them this quarter. It was a good feeling since one of my main bosses was right there in the conference call with me and he just gave me a big smile and a thumbs up. "One of the best, if not, THE BEST reconciliation report we have gotten". That made me feel good!

So it's been an up and down day. We will see what else happens because I still have 2 other meetings today. I guess it's been a easy day, work wise. I haven't had much time to actually "work" because of all the meetings and I got to go on a mini-office-shopping-spree. LOL. If only it was Friday today, then it would just be perfect because it would have been a perfect start for the weekend.

My parents are leaving for the Philippines on Saturday! So jealous. I could use a vacation. But it's sad because this is going to be my very first Thanksgiving without them. I normally look forward to my mom's Thanksgiving food and spending time with them at their house but they're going to be away. At least my fiance's family are coming over for Thanksgiving this weekend and it's always fun with them anyway. Plus I know the food will be good too. They are all incredible cooks on that side of the family. I'm going to get fat this weekend. Long weekend ... it's nice that there isn't work on Monday. Short work week next week!!!

I'm still waiting for my set-up details for my sub-domain so I hope to get the blog site up and running soon! I still have to plan out my layout and all that. I guess I have the weekend for that. My weekend is going to be busy because I want to start my site but at the same time I want some time draw and paint too. I'll try to squeeze in everything as much as I can!!

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Where is my battery?!
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 @2:49 PM

I ordered a battery charger for my camcorder in September because I have this awesome video camera to document significant moments in my life and I can't use it because I lost the charger. So I ordered it for a WICKED WICKED price and the seller said it was shipped September 10. What date is it now? OCTOBER 8th and IT IS STILL NOT HERE!! WTH?! I've never ever had to wait this long for a package to come in from E-Bay. The longest I have ever waited was 2 1/2 weeks not over an entire month and counting. It's frustrating. I know it's so awesome to be able to order stuff from E-bay because of good prices and all but it just takes wayyyyy too damn long to get it. Everyday I'm constantly checking for it since I had it shipped to the office but my assistant (well ... the purchasing girl), who checks the mail everyday to give me invoices, says that nothing has come yet. UGH. It's such a small thing too ... I just want it so I can finally play around with my camcorder. I haven't been able to use it in 6 months.

Okay I took the leap ... I applied for subdomain hosting ... I don't know if I am going to be accepted yet but I am a little excited. I have been missing being in the subdomain/domain part of the world wide web ever since I lost my domain (wickedful.info). I don't have the money right now to buy my own domain so why not ease myself in the subdomain world until I do right? If I do get accepted, I gotta get my shit in gear like refreshing my PHP coding skills, using wordpress again, building a nice layout ... all that. It's still just going to be a personal blog site (much like this one ... consider it just moved over and this be on hiatus for a while). I just miss having everything else attached to it. We will see. I hope I can make myself some time to set everything up IF I do get approved for it!

I saw this meme on Pinterest at about 1AM last night and I started laughing then I wanted to start crying because it was true. It's been true for at least a couple of months now so it was very conflicting. I was trying so hard to sleep last night but I just couldn't shut my brain off. My eyes felt so heavy and they stung because I was tired but I couldn't sleep! Every minute that went by felt like seconds because it would 1AM, then all of a sudden it's already 1:30Am and I kept thinking, "OMG ... I have to get up in 4 hours and I have had no sleep!". It was very very frustrating. That's why I was late for work today because I FINALLY fell asleep but my alarm went off and I must have snoozed it too many times. It's going to be no surprise if it happens again tonight.

[ UPDATE ] I got approved for subdomain hosting! I'll still blog on here for now until the new site is up and running and re-direct you guys over there! YAY! [ /UPDATE ]

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Work I Finally enjoy
Monday, October 7, 2013 @1:54 PM

Back to work and let me tell you it was impossible to get up this morning. I was determined to be early today and it just didn't happen. I don't know what it is. Am I not hearing my alarm and/or am I just subconsciously turning it off? I think I am just not getting enough sleep. Oh well. But this is what I have to look forward to ... my work ...

This is my office at work where I am all by myself. Can be nice at times because I can concentrate when I need to but still ... can get a little lonely at times and I wander around once in a while to chat with people when I need a break from looking at the computer screen (I feel like I get cross-eyed from looking the computer for so long). That right there is what I consider "clean". LOL. Shows how busy I can get. My desk is normally messier than that with papers everywhere. Sometimes you can't even see my keyboard and you wonder how I even do any work with typing involved hahaha.

It's not all bad! Every few Fridays, we have office lunch days where we splurge on food, paid for by the company. Last Friday ... Chinese Food!! It's good food too and it's just down the road from us! I look forward to these days so that I won't have to go out and buy lunch or worry about what to eat for lunch!! I ate so much though. Felt like I was going to be in a coma because I was so full LOL.

I really like my job though, as hard as it is to get up in the morning for it. I like having very own office, I like the work I do and I feel important, which is nice. I feel like I have my own certain type of freedom and my own type of authority to do what I want. I work as hard as I can and I have the choice to take a little breaks whenever I feel like it (I usually like to go to the lunch room and make some toast or eat some cereal hahah). It's not easy work but I love it. Ever since I chose to do office work as my career, I have always wanted my own office, my own title, and my own freedom. I got all that and more! I love this company and I love how they actually care for you and I couldn't ask for anything better right now. I hope I can stay here for a very long time. I just have to keep working hard so I can stay stable and keep doing what I love.

Here's a little selfie of myself at work that I took because I was taking a break from my eyes being strained by the computer screen.

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Recognition Goes A Long Way
Friday, October 4, 2013 @11:50 AM

You know it's hard to get your name out there when you are trying to get recognition. I'm starting to realize that my love for art is growing and growing and I would just love to get an audience started as I keep progressing. It's just funny how different places commands different tastes, different views, and your audience can be very specific.

On Instagram, as soon as I post a picture of my work, I can get about 50 likes in a span of 2 hours. I post the same stuff on DeviantArt and I'll be lucky if someone will "favourite" it within a month. My blogspot art blog doesn't even get any attention whatsoever ... so I guess you go with whatever is good for you. I'm thinking of reaching out to tumblr nowadays too. I already have an account on there for my crochet stuff but maybe I can use it for some of my art stuff too. What do you think? If you were trying to showcase something that you love and work hard on, what would you do?

I am so happy it is Friday though. It's bittersweet right now because, yes, I am happy it's Friday but I'm still at work, waiting away for the day to be over so I can go home and relax. I want to start drawing because I have many ideas in my head. I want to play around with my tablet, I want to try out some watercolors ... I just want to do everything!! I'm hoping it's a chillaxing weekend so I have some time to myself and just relax at home. I feel like I don't get enough rest anymore and that I still need to catch up on 2 days worth of sleep. Sometimes it's hard though because one of us gets bored and wants to go do something so we still drag each other out of the house hahaha. Even more so, we havee the attention of some new friends so they always want to hang out with us. It's nice that we still get to go out and do things but I can't go out so late anymore. I'm getting old (HAHAHAHA). You know you're getting old when:

-You love the smell of coffee every morning and can't live without it
-Your back or SOMETHING hurts when you wake up in the morning
-You're already tired and want to go to bed before 10PM
-You still get up early even though you slept late the night before and can't fall back asleep anymore even when you desperately want to

There are so many more but those are the main ones I'm feeling. LOL. I'm not even 30 yet and I'm already complaining LOL. Sigh ... life is funny people.

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